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Your wise selection of our product is deeply appreciated. RM-908 is the latest type of the Multifunction Remote Controller . By simple setting of this Remote Controller, most household electronic appliances, such as TV, VCR, SAT, DSS, HIFI, CABLE, CD, VCD, can be easily controlled.
Model: RM-908
Compatible: Combination Remote
Weight: (g)
Can material: ABS
Transmitting distance: 8M


Setting method of product
If your electronic appliances are not inelded in the code list, please try the mode of automatic code searching.

1、Turn on the controlled electronic appliance, and hold the Remote Controller to aim at the receiving point of the appliance.

2、Press the button of set, at the same time press the button of type selection.

3、When the Indicator Light in on, do not press the above two buttons.

4、Press the button of set again, the Indicator Light in will be flashing, and the Remote Controller begins to search automatically.

5、Then every two seconds press power (each press will bring about different codes)
(In searching, if you can turn off the controlled appliance, the searching will be ended in 2 seconds according to your selection of types).

6、Check whether operation of other buttons is at normal state. If so, your setting is successfully ccomplished..
Universal TV
Universal A/C
Combination Remote
Touch Screen
Learning Remote
Single TV Brand
Single A/C Brand
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